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We believe the world needs a more sustainable diet, that is healthier for its people and kinder to our planet. We also believe that excessive meat consumption is a major driver of unsustainable diets, and so our purpose at Quorn Foods is to provide the world with healthier and more sustainable protein alternatives to meat. We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our operations, so that not only is our food sustainable, but so is our business.

Things we're proud of

Here are just a few of the things that we’ve achieved since 2012. We’re working to do even more and have set ourselves some big targets.

We've reduced the carbon footprint of our factories per tonne by [1]33%

80% of our packaging is now recyclable

We've reduced our water usage per tonne by [1]16%

Love food hate waste

Love food, hate waste

Waste not, want not, Mum always used to say. So, we're making it an essential mission to do our bit for tackling food waste too:

  • We've joined WRAP's Courtauld 2025 initiative to reduce waste and emissions by one-fifth

  • We're working closely with WRAP to cut waste throughout our supply chain and in the home

Sustainability Report

Our latest Sustainability Report is now out. Take a look at all the exciting developments and innovations helping to make Quorn® even more sustainable.

View report(This link opens in a new tab)