About Quorn


What is Quorn?

Our range of versatile ingredients, meals and snacks are varied and delicious. Our products are quick to prepare for you and your family, they're a great source of protein and many are low in fat.

Source of protein

 Quorn products are a high quality vegetarian protein source.  They have all the essential amino acids you find in meats like beef and chicken.

Zero cholesterol

The following Quorn products contain absolutely no cholesterol: which makes them perfect for a heart friendly diet:



•Meat-Style Balls

•Chicken-Style Burgers

•Garlic and Herb Fillets

•Fajita Strips (chilled)

•Mince (chilled)

•Pepper & Herb Sausages (chilled)

•Sweet Chilli Stir Fry Strips (chilled)

•BBQ Sausages (chilled)

Quick and tasty

You can cook Quorn foods in your oven, grill or microwave, as you would do for meat and poultry. Plus there's no need to defrost Quorn foods - you can cook them straight from frozen. 

Low in fat

The following products are all low in fat:


•Meat-Style Balls

•Mince (chilled)



Is Quorn a sustainable product?

One of the main reasons Quorn foods were invented was to be part of the solution to the growing global population’s increasing demand for protein.

Livestock is a very inefficient source of protein which is why we believe eating Quorn products instead of meat can be a more sustainable option.

To see the developments in this area from a UK and global perspective, here is a link to the Carbon Footprint Summary 2015 that has been produced by Quorn Foods in the UK.